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                                                          Roof Moss Removal

  The green, lichen and green growth created on your roof can divert your home from a pleasant property to a disappointing stay while also damaging to its pieces, hindering its channels and making other maintenance problems that can become extremely exorbitant .

   We provide administration that includes total evacuation green, lichen and green growth on the roof, careful washing and cleaning of contaminated surfaces, eventually a small-scale permeable sealant that allows the roof to relax . 

   In addition, it provides additional protection and insurance - eliminating costs, just as it keeps any water entry or other attacks from green, lichen or green growth .

      Improves The Property Value 

  Your roof is the most important part of your home to maintain because it’s most exposes to the elements. 
 A clean roof not only improves the look of your home, it also gets rids of any accumulated moss and lichen that can cause damage to the structure of the roof in the long term.  
 It is a quick and easy process and can soon have your roof looking as good as new.
  Many Housing Associations and Local Authorities have introduced roof cleaning as part of their general maintenance programmes. 
  If you want to keep your roof in good order, then keeping it clean is essential.
 Getting your roof cleaned is a relatively quick and easy way of improving the look of your home, by removing moss, lichen, dirt and anything else that has accumulated up there. 
 Wouldn’t it be great to have your roof look brand new again.
                   PRICE LIST 

     Terraced Roof
- Cleaning only: From £ 250

     Semi-Detached Gable Roof
- Cleaning only: From £ 250
- Cleaning & Resealing : From £ 350
- Cleaning & Resealing & Painting : From £ 750

     Detached Gable Roof 
- Cleaning only: From £ 350
- Cleaning & Resealing : From £ 450
- Cleaning & Resealing & Painting : From £ 850

     Semi-Detached Hip Roof
- Cleaning only: From £ 350
- Cleaning & Resealing : From £ 450
- Cleaning & Resealing & Painting : From £ 800

     Detached Hip Roof
- Cleaning only: From £ 400
- Cleaning & Resealing : From £ 500
- Cleaning & Resealing & Painting : From £ 900