We offer free of charge consultancy services by phone:
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                        Price List

   Driveway Block Paving :
- Cleaning only: From £ 3 per sq m.
- Cleaning & re-sanding: From £ 3.80 per sq m.

   Patio Slabs & Pattern Imprinted                                   Concrete :
- Cleaning only: From £ 3 per sq m.

   Crazy Paving  & Concrete  &  Decking : 
- Cleaning only: From £ 3 per sq m.

   Please Note: 
- There is a minimum charge is £ 60 (20 sq.m.) on all surfaces. 

   Please Note: 

- There will be an added 5% Discount on the washing over 80 square metres 
- There will be an added 10% Discount on the washing over 100 square metres 
- There will be an added 15% Discount on the washing over 150 square metres 
- There will be an added 20% Discount on the washing over 500 square metres 


  How to measure the area to be cleaned:

   To measure a complex area, break the shape down into primitive shapes like rectangles, triangle & circles then add them together. Please use Meters (You can use up to two decimal places or round to the nearest Meter)
 - Rectangle = Length x Breadth
 - Triangle = (Length x Breadth) divided by 2
 - Circle = 3.14 x radius squared (i.e. radius x radius)
   If you are happy with your estimate why not submit it to us and we can arrange an appointment to confirm the cost and availability of service.

   Please Note :
   Our Prices are GROSS there is no VAT included and none would be added.
   Parking for the van and equipment should be provided alternatively. Parking charges or Fines will be added to the bill.
   Sometimes when we survey a property we cannot detect underlying Oil or Masonry stains so that could be an added extra on the quotation.
  Stains or masonry will be removed only if required, there is no obligation to undergo removal treatment.
Types of services we clean:

- Driveways & Patios
- Concrete & Nature Stone 
Block Paving
- Render & Graffiti Removal
- Roofing Tiles Cleaning
- Guttering & Decking
- Commercial Outdoor Cleaning
- Playground & Car Park